Working Towards Building a Green Economy and Sustainable Local Communities


Covenant on mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages in local governance: environment and natural resource revenues and benefits for poverty reduction and environmental sustainability

During the “Forum on the utilization and development of natural wealth” conducted in 21 February 2013 which was participated in by local chief executives (LCEs) and other LGU officials of 12 provinces, 26 municipalities and 5 cities hosting mining activities, a Covenant on mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages in local governance was launched and signed by the participants.

Whereas, the National Government is pursuing its commitment to institutionalize and implement reforms in the Philippine Mining Sector to ensure responsible mining, environmental protection and effective utilization of mineral resources anchored in the principle of sustainable and inclusive development;

Whereas, in order to attain this goal there is a need to ensure the coherence between national laws and local government ordinances; good governance in the use and management of environment and natural resources (ENR), and transparency and accountability in the receipt as well as in the utilization of ENR revenues;

Whereas, the Philippines Poverty Environment Initiative (PPEI), a joint programme of UNDP, UNEP and the Government of the Philippines (GoP), implemented by the DILG supports the effort of the GoP through the promotion of poverty-environment linkage in national and local governance through rational utilization of natural resources, environmental protection, social equity measures and poverty alleviation mechanisms;

Whereas, the PPEI advocates that the rural communities, poor people, IPs and community stakeholders shall be the permanent beneficiaries and not the victims of the extraction of natural resources, and therefore promotes that LGUs shall receive their rightful shares in a timely manner to fund priority sustainable development programs, projects and activities; 

Whereas, in pursuit of optimizing the utilization of ENR revenues and of ensuring that they are equitably shared by the communities and re-invested to preserve social and natural environ, it is essential to mainstream Poverty-Environment linkages in LGU governance to achieve the best balance between environmental protection and poverty alleviation for inclusive and sustainable development;

Now, therefore, be it agreed, as it is hereby agreed, the undersigned parties act as champions of Poverty and Environment mainstreaming initiative with an end goal of increasing the efficiency and productivity of local government services to the community.