Working Towards Building a Green Economy and Sustainable Local Communities


Partner Organizations

Collaborating Strategically

The Philippines PEI is working closely with different National Government Agencies (NGAs), LGU leagues and pilot LGUs, private industries and selected CSOs/NGOs. Some activities/projects of PPEI are actually being led by some partner agencies, particularly NAPC and DENR-MGB. Partners serve as both actors in developing, implementing and monitoring the PPEI’s key projects/activities, and recipients of the efforts being undertaken by the programme.

The DILG Regional Offices also play an important role in the implementation of PPEI. To systematize the capacity development process, DILG Central Office appoints PEI Focal Persons with Special Orders from amongst its field officers at the municipal, city, province and regional levels. They are the conduit of the PPEI-Project Management Office (PMO) to effectively reach the LGU.

The Partner agencies and members of PPEI are the following:

National Government Agencies

LGU Leagues and Pilot LGUs

Private Industry


Development Partner / Donor

Below is a diagram showing the Management and Implementation Arrangements of PEI in the Philippines: