Working Towards Building a Green Economy and Sustainable Local Communities


PPEI Phase 2: Scaling-Up and Institutionalizing The Gains

The PPEI Phase 2 (CYs 2013-2015) programme builds on the body of work and lessons from the Phase 1. It focuses on improving the poverty benefits of large scale mining and limiting its environmental impacts; improve the regulatory aspects of small scale mining; encourage the switch of LGUs towards more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources; and full installation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI).

The PPEI Phase 2 has five outputs with the DILG and the DENR as implementing partners. It supports several provisions of the Executive Order (E.O.) 79 on mining entitled, “Institutionalizing and Implementing Reforms in the Philippine Mining Sector, Providing Policies and Guidelines to Ensure Environmental Protection and Responsible Mining in the Utilization of the Mineral Resources”.

Phase 2 image

Expected Results

Its intended outcomes are:

OUTCOME 1: Timely Release of Environment and Natural Resource Revenues to Local Government Units

OUTCOME 2: Improved Utilization of Natural Resource Revenues for Social Services Delivery, Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability through Mainstreaming Poverty-Environment Linkages in the Planning and Budgeting System of LGUs

OUTCOME 3: Developed National and Local Government Capacities on Linking Poverty-Environment Concerns

OUTCOME 4: Transparent collection of natural resource revenues applied through the introduction of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

OUTCOME 5: Improved Regulatory Framework for Small Scale Mining for an Optimized Contribution to Sustainable Development