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Mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages in local governance for sustainable development

In developing countries, there is an increasing awareness of the necessity to formulate and implement pro-poor environmental policies and programs to achieve sustained broad-based economic growth for all. In the Philippines, the local government units play a pivotal role in ensuring that while local economy progresses, the environment remains protected. Mainstreaming poverty and environment concerns into the local government units (LGUs) policies, plans and programs is a step towards complementing the objectives of the localization of sustainable development.

Covenant on mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages in local governance: environment and natural resource revenues and benefits for poverty reduction and environmental sustainability

During the “Forum on the utilization and development of natural wealth” conducted in 21 February 2013 which was participated in by local chief executives (LCEs) and other LGU officials of 12 provinces, 26 municipalities and 5 cities hosting mining activities, a Covenant on mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages in local governance was launched and signed by the participants.

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